Tantric tradition and healing

Erotic experience is a varied experience in a human world. Everybody imagines a different picture in their mind. The most of the people think about sexual intercourse, Kama Sutra… Although there is even more to discover. What if we connected a massage with erotic characteristics and spiritual character? We would get a tantric massage. It does not matter if you have not heard about it. If you book a massage, it is always better to feel it on your own skin.

It is an old tradition which has a root in Hinduism. Tantra is celebrating a flow of energy, masculine and feminine. They are our inner part, both in males and females. We should be thankful and appreciate them as our ancestors, because they are the reason that cosmic space is in the harmony.

oddych v salóne

These energies are often toxic when imbalanced. People around us will eventually sense and notice it. It can cause a serious disharmony, psychological and somatic symptoms as pain in various parts of body, anger, sadness, feelings of abandonment. We can take an initiative and heal our energy. There are many ways, unfortunately not everything is as effective as it should be. So instead of a quick solution, people are still looking for a new ways and means. Unfortunately, they can waste a lot of time and money and their situation can get worse.

spiritualita a tantra

A tantric salon in Bratislava called Tantra diamond will show you the benefits of erotic massage tantradiamond.sk, check out. It offers a lot of programmes suitable for men, women and even couples. It does not matter what is your sexual orientation, your beliefs are accepted. Your task is to be polite, accept a few rules and relax. You will receive positive energy from our masseuses or masseurs physical, mental, emotional release. The cherry on the top can be a sexual release, in some cases a multiple orgasmic experience. The certified team of the salon is highly professional and prepared to show you the secrets of tantric massage.

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